Tubular Shapes

Zuchini Gallbladder

76764c.81s elderly female gallbladder elongated sausage shape zuchini shape transverse dimension 4.5 cms longitudinal dimension 12.5cms aging gallbladder vs enlarged? food in the body CTscan Courtesy Ashley DAvidoff MD Davidoff art Davidoff photography copyright 2008
Sigmoid Shape
24872 sigmoid colon rectum fx normal anatomy fx straight rectal shape CTscan Courtsy Ashley Davidoff MD
Congenital Pulmonary Venolobar Syndrome
The chest series are characterised by an abnormal curving vascular structure that appears to get large as it approaches the diaphragm.  In addition the volume of the right lung is smaller and there is anodd shape to the right hilum.  The findings are consistent with a diagnosis of congenital hypoplasia of the right lung associated wth partial anomalous venous return to the IVC below the diaphragm. (aka congenital pulmonary venolobar syndrome)  The curved  anomalous vein is known as the scimitar sign since it has the shape of a scimitar.01714c03 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Splenic Vein

72458 splenic vein spleen pancreas shape sperm shape color flow doppler force flow direction normal blood flow SMV superior mesenteric vein confluens normal anatomy USscan Davidoff MD

Tubular Shape of the Metatarsals
46713b02 bone foot feet metatarsals normal anatomy tubular shape applied biology X-ray plain film Davidoff MD