Almost Round


Almond Shape


72120c01 brain cerebrum cerebral normal amygdala amygdaloid emotion shape almond normal anatomy Davidoff MD

Normal Almond Shaped Ovary with Follicles

71689 ovary follicles normal anatomy function physiology TCV Applied Biology Cycle time USscan Davidoff MD

Oval shaped Glands of the Breast

42707b03b45b05 breast mammary gland ducts ductules extralobular terminal duct intralobular terminal duct terminal ductule acini acinus alveoli alveolus surface epithelium luminal cell myoepithelial cell lobule terminal ductal lobular unit TDLU drawing anatomy histology normal Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Normal Testes

47002c01 testis testes normal size blood flow normal anatomy USscan Davidoff MD

Fig. 1                                                                         Fig. 2

Smooth Margins Well Circumscribed Benign Mass

A mammogram on the left shows an ovoid mass which is hypoechoic with smooth margins.  These findings are characteristic of a benign lesion and could represent a cyst or fibroadenoma as the most likely causes.  The US on the right shows a well circumscribed solid mass characteristic of an adenoma.  Courtesy Priscilla Slanetz MD MPH 42913 42914

Can you see the oval evil seed that caused obstruction – a vegetable bezoar?d

24411 small bowel fx air fx oval shape dx small bowel obstruction dx vegetable bezoar imaging radiology CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD DB

PEar Shaped Head of the Caudate Nucleus

38481c01 brain caudate nucleus caudate body basal ganglion basal ganglia normal anatomy applied biology CTscan Davidoff MD 38484c01