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Spheres Geometry

“Of all the solids having a given volume, the sphere is the one with the smallest surface area;

of all solids having a given surface area, the sphere is the one having the greatest volume.”


A Perfect Geometrical Sphere
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Using the Sphere in Concepts

The Sphere of Evolution
In the beginning there was a big bang and the hydrogen atom after a long time and it spread all over the universe. It then started to link and organize and formed some brothers and sisters and they sat around the periodic table and designed things like fats proteins and carbohydrates and with time that part of the extended family developed the capability of forming self replicating macromolecules and the cell miracle was formed . Now they sat around the family table and joined hands and connected and organized and the organs and bodies and people were formed. And the people formed more people and so the story goes and continues to unfold.
Davidoff Art
Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD
This equation relates to the interaction of units in physics, chemistry and biology. The interaction (represented by forward and reverse white arrows) creates a link or bond between different units called unit 1 and unit 2, in the presence of a facilitator (red arrow) and results in a new unit (unit 3) that has new and unique properties. The reaction takes place in a given space (black ring) at a given time (red numbered clock around black ring) in a given environment (blue background).
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Study of the Gradations of Shadows on Spheres, c. 1492 Leonardo da Vinci
Courtesy Study of the Gradations of Shadows on Spheres, c. 1492 Leonardo da Vinci sphere CTscan historical diverging beam
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The Science and Art in Biology and Medicine
This image shows the hydrogen atom spinning within the core of the person who is surrounded by a sphere containing cells. The hydrogen atom is the basic building block of the universe and biology. The dancer is surrounded by a sphere of cells, which lie within the complex biology of the earth (heterogeneous sphere) with its large body of water (blue ring). Note the magnetic field of the earth depicted by the two lines on the earths axis with similar electromagnetic field of the atom. The earth lies within the warmth of the sun (deep orange and the universe lies beyond. Survival of biology requires warmth, energy and electromagnetism. The sun provides the warmth, the earth provides the water, biology provides food and required energy and the hydrogen atom and its derivatives provide electromagnetism.
Keywords the common vein atom biology person people cells cell biology food botany zoology animals plants energy atmosphere water sun solar system electromagnetism electricity electron proton precessing spinning dance soul
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Medici Balls
 Italy Tuscany Florence Medici Chapel Medici 6 balls
Fleur de Lis
Ashley Davidoff MD
Ashley Davidoff MD
The Proton Spinning Precessing Magnetic Field
The hydrogen atom consists of a single proton around which a single electron is maintained in orbit resulting in a magnetic field. The earth with an inner core of iron, also has a magnetic field and precesses in orbit with a tilted axis around the sun held by the force of gravity.
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The Proton and the Earth Remarkable Similarity Spinning Precessing Magnetic Field
The hydrogen atom consists of a single proton around which a single electron is maintained in orbit resulting in a magnetic field. The earth with an inner core of iron, also has a magnetic field and precesses in orbit with a tilted axis around the sun held by the force of gravity.
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The Elements Now up to 118 of them Periodic Table in the Round
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The Cell
Ashley Davidoff MD
Ashley Davidoff MD
Time to Live and Time to Die
Cycles of the Cell and Apoptosis
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Cycles of Life
Evolving knowledge man framework organization TCV involution death dying returning fetus cycles of life annual rings raw materials
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A Sphere in Art
Positano Amalfi Coast Mediterranean Italy cell brass sculpture sphere nucleus 
Ashley Davidoff MD
Art in Newton Center
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Circles and Cycles Washington?
 keywords TCV time cycles
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Sunset at Lars Anderson Park Boston
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Alum – A Sphere in Nature
Davidoff photography copyright 2012 all rights reserved
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Water Droplets of Rain on a Leaf  – Cohesive Forces at Work
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Still Life
Basket of Fruit Nutcracker Grapes Apples Pears
Ashley Davidoff MD
From Andi’s Facebook Collection called Italy Grapes Wine 
Photography by the late Andi Fisher images added to FB March 5 2008 Created March 2008
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Berries and Water Droplets
Ashley Davidoff MD
Clematis just About to Open – Forms a Spherical Shape
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Corona Radiata
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The Nucleus of the Cell
An impression of the microscopic view of the ciliated columnar epithelium, with cilia that are sweeping dust particles to their freedom in the atmosphere.
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Nuclii and Nucleoli of the Liver Cell
Courtesy Barbara Banner MD  
Sperm and Egg
Ashley Davidoff MD
Blastocyst – Pre- embryonic ball – Division after Division Multiplication to a Unit
Ashley Davidoff MD
Liver cells on the Moon
This artistic rendition of a group of histological group of liver cells that have been transformed into a ball with a crater like appearance of a colorful moon.
Ashley Davidoff MD
The Liver Lobule
13009 W8.832k.8s
Ashley Davidoff MD
Cluster of Alveoli
This is a drawing of a cluster of alveoli surrounded by the capillary network, fed by an arteriole in blue, and drained by a venule in red.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Arteriole in the Middle of a Secondary Lobule
81F hx atrial fibrillation cardiac failure heart failure CHF RA enlarged LA enlarged ground glass mosaic perfusion Kerley B lines varicose pulmonary veins squiggly sign
Ashley Davidoff MD
The Alveolus – The Centre of the Pulmonary Universe
The five major layers that keep the air moving include the outer bony cage, the muscular layer represented in maroon, the pleural complex (orange yellow orange) the lung (blue) and surfactant within the alveolus. (pink)
Ashley Davidoff MD
Grapes of the Lung – The Alveoli
This artistic rendition of the workhorses of the lung – the alveoli – the appearance of the alveoli around the terminal airways has been likened to bunch of grapes.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Man in Istanbul
Ashley Davidoff MD
Trachea in the Axial Projection is Almost Round
The axial CTscan of the neck shows the thyroid gland with the right and left lobes (pink) The gland is horseshoe shaped, and while on the horse theme the gland in this projection could also be viewed as a saddle with
Ashley Davidoff MD
Rings of the Heart Valves
Cross section through the atrioventricular plane of the heart shows the tricuspid valve (TV), mitral valve (MV) in plane, the aortic valve (AoV) in close association with the mitral valve, and the pulmonary valve (PV). elevated and oriented toward the left The orientation of the coronary arteries in the horizontal plane and their course around the atrioventricular groove is demonstrated. The left main coronary artery arises from the left coronary cusp and gives rise to the LAD (left anterior descending artery) and circumflex which travels in the A-V groove around the mitral annulus, and the right coronary artery courses around the tricuspid annulus and gives rise to the PDA
1918 87268c06.8s
Davidoff art Image modified from Grays anatomy
Ashley Davidoff MD
Fossa Ovale of the Heart
The fossa ovalis is the depressed ring like structure surrounded by a rim of muscle seen in the first image, consisting of the septum primum and foramen ovale seen in the second diagram.
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Breast Nipples CT scan
Copyright 2012 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD
Ashley Davidoff MD
Art of the Breast Rounded Nipples
Ashley Davidoff MD
Follicles on the Ovary
Ashley Davidoff MD
Dancing With Hoola Hoops
Ashley Davidoff MD
Dancing With Balls
Ashley Davidoff MD
Lady with a Ball
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The Nucleus in Cancer
The image represents the life of a single set of columnar cells showing a progression of generations as the cell lives dies and is regenerated. The orange secretions of the cell are seen in the background of the pink cytoplasm and the purple nucleus. The nucleus of the newest generation and cell is seen as a clock that has become distorted and time has become disordered. This process is abnormal and is a forerunner of a malignant process.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Multinodular Goiter
The diagram illustrates non toxic multinodular goiter together with a normal thyroid gland on the left. A moderately enlarged gland (middle) containing multiple variably sized non toxic nodules with different characteristics is shown together with a massively enlarged non toxic gland (right) When the gland becomes massively enlarged it may extend into the chest, compress the airway and neck veins as well as displace other structures such as the esophagus.
Ashley Davidoff MD
This diagram shows alveoli and respiratory bronchioles that are too large due to loss of elasticity, so that air cannot be moved efficiently through them This is a diagram of emphysema causing hyperinflated lungs
keywords lung Davidoff tree branching emphysema size enlarged alveoli enlarged airways respiratory bronchiole
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Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta
This magnified view of the infra-renal aorta using CT, shows an 6.5cms aneurysm, with a narrowed lumen and a wall thickened by thrombus. The vertebral body is 5.5cms in transverse dimension and it can be used as a reference structure to assess the size of the aorta. ie if the aorta reaches the size the vertebra, it is time to repair it.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Crescent Sign Impending Aortic Rupture
Ashley Davidoff MD
Ruptured Abdominal Aorta
The CTscan of the abdominal aorta reveals an acute rupture characterized by a high density crescent shaped density of acute blood within the chronic thrombus of the aortic lumen. The extraluminal component of the rupture is seen as high density acute blood in the retroperitoneum.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Hydrocele Testis Rounded Under Pressure
Elderly man with left testicular pain testis hydrocele under pressure
Ashley Davidoff MD
Hydrocele and Scrotal Pearl
Elderly man with left testicular pain
Ashley Davidoff MD
Metastasis in the Liver
The histopathological specimen obtained from autopsy biopsy is from a liver and shows discrete metastatic deposits of glandular type metastases separated by spaces within the lesion of mucus consistent with metastatic adenocarcinoma. The distinct blueness and “badness of the malignant tissue is reflective of the hyperchromicity of the nuclii and their dominance in the cell. The malignant unit occupies space and displaces normal liver tissue. Note also the roundness in shape that is characteristic of malignant tissue
Ashley Davidoff MD
Lung Nodule Central Calcification – Benign
Ashley Davidoff MD

Malignant Lung Nodule                                                                                                                                           Chest X-Ray in the upper row shows a lung nodule in the right upper lobe overlaid in green and see on the CT scan, and confirmed as a hot nodule on the PET scan with a metastatic focus in the mediastinum
42262 42262 b01 42269  42269b01 42271b 42271b01 
Ashley Davidoff MD
Pseudocyst of the Pancreas
Ashley Davidoff MD
Ovarian Abscess
The CT is from a 36 year old female recently post c section who developed pain fever and rigors in the left lower quadrant. She has a known fibroid uterus but a new tender mass was found in her left adnexa. The CTscan shows a large cystic collection in the left adnexa with an enhancing rind. This was aspirated under ultrasound guidance , pus was aspirated and a diagnosis of an ovarian abscess was made. She was treated on antibiotics and she subsequently her pain and fever resolved pain
Ashley Davidoff MD
Brain Tumor
Metastasis from Endometrial Carcinoma
Ashley Davidoff MD
Adrenal Mass
In this injection of the middle adrenal artery, a mass is apparent in the right adrenal gland. The branches of the artery are distorted and, rather than a triangular shape as seen on previous image, we see a rounded mass. There is evidence of early venous filling (blue overlay) reflecting an arteriovenous shunt, characteristic of a hypervascular tumor.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Round  Abdomen in Obesity
Ashley Davidoff MD
City Box
Ashley Davidoff MD
Tap of a Fire Hydrant
A fire hydrant tap with instructions on how to open and close
Ashley Davidoff MD
Monkey Bars Mason Rice
The monkey bars are connected to a chain and the chain is connected top a wooden frame. In this case the functionality of the toy is dependent on the strength of the connections and bonds. The tree and the bushes in the background are of course dependent on the their roots to connect them to the ground and nutrition and the branches are connected to the atmosphere and the sun. links and connections monkey bars units to unity sphere half two halves make the whole
Ashley Davidoff MD
A Tire and a Swing
 Atlanta Emory 
Ashley Davidoff MD
Wagon Wheels Circa 1775
Wagon wheels transport circa 1775 American militia Concord Massachusetts The beginning of the American Revolution resistance along the Battle Road Trail extending from Lexington to Concord Minute man National Historical Park Reenactment July 3rd 2007 in the fields of Hartwell tavern
Ashley Davidoff MD
Motorbike Wheels
Ashley Davidoff MD
Lowell Massachusetts
Lowell Massachusetts Remnants of days gone by 86627.8
Ashley Davidoff MD
Disney World Magic Kingdom
Ashley Davidoff MD
Wheels Belts and Cogs – Machines at Work
Disney World Magic Kingdom
Ashley Davidoff MD
Two yellow and red bicycles basking in the sun on a dirt road in South Africa. One is ready to go and the other – just resting. An interesting pair suggesting a twin relation of the owners?.
keywords accessory interesting Davidoff photography
Ashley Davidoff MD
Oxford or Cambridge?
Ashley Davidoff MD
Bike Ride – Livorno Italy
Ashley Davidoff MD
Balloon Blowing
This image shows a famous cardiologist, Dr Jonathan Fisher performing as Zippy the clown revealing and exaggerating the difficulty with surface tension and radius in the early stages of blowing up a balloon.
keywords lung physiology balloon surface tension surfactant alveolus alveoli radius principles
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Pink Smooth Balloons
Ashley Davidoff MD
Rounded Seats
From Andi’s Facebook album called Italy chairs round shape Andi Fisher
Ashley Davidoff MD
Balls of Fire
Disney World Magic Kingdom
Ashley Davidoff MD
Cape Cod Massachusetts soccer man child ball
Ashley Davidoff MD
Corinthian Column and Round Window
Ashley Davidoff MD
Two people relax on the steps of the gazebo under a blue winter sky and the peace of a small pond. Light snow remains on the grounds of Lars Andersen park in Brookline Mass. Bare trees are all around and their vertical limbs are reflected together with the columns of the gazebo in the water.
Ashley Davidoff MD
Dome with Sky Lights
 Emory Atlanta 86070.800
Ashley Davidoff MD
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Israel  – Old City
Ashley Davidoff MD
Dome of the Rock Jerusalem Woman with a Red Flask
Ashley Davidoff MD
Old City Jerusalem Israel
Ashley Davidoff MD
Amalfi Coast Church Ceramic Dome
Ashley Davidoff MD
The Vatican St Peter’s
Ashley Davidoff MD
Inside St Peter’s Dome
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Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Turkey’s most famous mosque and landmark the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The name is given because of the blue Iznik tiles decorating the interior. Built in the early 1600s. It remains a place of worship shape building mosque blue mosque Istanbul shapes dome spires needles sharp angles round sphere architecture triangle angulated minaret
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The Pantheon in Rome
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