Sphericals in the Round

Round and Oval Nuclii  – Polygonal Liver Cells

13440b liver hepatic nucleus cytoplasm polygonal shape hepatocytes Kuppfer cells TCV concepts histology cytology Courtesy Barbara Banner MD

Malignancy in the Round

Small Cell Carcinoma of the lung Pleural fluid cytology preparation showing group of dark blue cells with scant cytoplasm consistent with small cell carcinoma. Courtesy Armando Fraire MD. 32825 code lung pulmonary pleura neoplasm malignant malignancy primary lung small cell carcinoma cytopathology

Blastocyst – Pre- embryonic ball – Division after Division Multiplication to a Unit

Units to unity – a blastocyst  is formed

13275b01i01e01b03   Davidoff oneness


Epididymal Cyst

47006 testis testes epididymis epididymal cysts through transmission backwall enhancement parts anatomy USscan Davidoff MD

Grapes of the lung – alveoli

This artistic rendition of the workhorses of the lung – the alveoli – the appearance of the alveoli around the terminal airways has been likned to bunch of grapes.

Davidoff art 13440c06i07

Sperm and Egg

13275b01i01e08u08 ovum sperm fusion conception TCV Davidoff Oneness

Spheres and Tubes
Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 01218 code esophagus + vein + Sengstaken Blakemore tube + dx coronary varix + imaging angiography

Hydrocele Testis Rounded Under Pressure Reduced Flow

47735 elderly man with left testicular pain testis hydrocele under pressure fx spherical round reduced blood flow shape USscan Davidoff MD

Round in Disorder

49671c01 abdomen fat adipose tissue storage rotund belly umbilicus belly button surface rendring CTscan Davidoff MD


Educational Excercise – Approach to the Diagnosis of Lung Nodules