Water Shapes

Ashley Davidoff MD

The Common Vein Copyright 2012

In the Round

The Molecule Two Hydrogens and an Oxygen

13451b23.8s Davidoff art Copyright 2012 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Rain Droplets on the Window

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Water Drop on the Tip of the Leaf – Purity Springs NH

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Water Droplet on the Tip of the Beak of the Flamingo

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Raindrops on a Leaf

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Raindrops on a Coleus Leaf

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Two Round Follicles in the Right Ovary

The axial STIR sequence from an MRI study shows the normal appearance of the uterus in a 34 year old female. . Two high signal follicular cysts are seen in the right ovary

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Ovoid Water Droplet

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Waves in the Water Sorrento Italy Mediterranean

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Water Filled breast Implants

16417 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2012

Pericardial Cyst

A low density mass is seen in intimate association with the pericardium which itself demonstrates a small amount of fluid. The water density measured is reminiscent of a pericardial cyst.

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Serpiginous River – Atlanta – From the Plane

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Serpiginous Coast Line Higham Massachusetts

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Sharp Angled

Triangular Waterfall Newton MAssachusetts

82752p Davidoff garden Photography by Talya Davidoff  Copyright 2012

Wake of the Boat and the Spray from the Skis

85304p.800 Madison New Hampshire Davidoff photography Copyright 2012

Normal Lateral Ventricles with Cerebrospinal Fluid

The MRI sequences used are displayed in the following chart at the level of the lateral ventricles. The CSF is bright on the average diffusion images, the T2 weighted image, the STIR and the GRE sequence. The best differentiation of gray white matter is on the STIR sequences, while the basal ganglia are best seen on the STIR and GRE sequences Acute infarcts are best seen on the DWI images, enhancing tumors on the T1 with gadolinium and iron deposition of subacute or chronic hemorrhage best characterised on the GRE sequences. FLAIR sequences are sensitive to water in lesions and best characterize MS plaques

Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2010 95233c01.8

Rectangular Rectanguloid


Fountain in Cambridge

84232p.800 Cambridge Massachusetts Davidoff photography Copyright 2012

Fountain Waterfall and Moss

Amalfi, Amalfi Coast Italy

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Diverging Linear and Horizontal Water Spray

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Charles River Horizontal with Well Defined Border

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Rectanguloid Shapes in the Water

This photograph shows ripples in the water reminiscent of the polygonal shape of the secondary pulmonary lobules.

Courtesy Ashley Davidoff M.D. 69997 Davidoff photography Copyrighrt 2012 Purity Spring

Rectangular Shape of the Dock – Livorno Italy

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 Ill Defined

Mist – Ill Defined

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Fishing at Sunrise

Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. Davidoff photographyCopyright 2012 02074p

Fishing at Sunrise

Two men fishing in the misty water of Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester Mass. one early autumn morning.

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Misty Turner Sunrise

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