Urinary Bladder

When empty, the bladder has a tetrahedral shape with a base, a neck, an apex, a superior surface, and two inferolateral surfaces; the dome of the bladder points upward. As the bladder fills it forms a ovoid/spherical shape and can expand into the abdomen.

The inner surface in the non distended state contains raised ridges that are heterogeneously oriented; the outer surface is smooth.

When the bladder is moderately full it contains about 0.5 liter and assumes an oval form; the long diameter of the oval measures about 12 cm.

Normal Empty and Overdistended Symptomatic Full Urinary Bladder

70363c09 urinary bladder normal enlarged abdominal pain induration abnormal urinary reterention CTscan sagittal reformat Davidoff MD

Ureteral Jets at The UVJ – Delivery of Urine to the Bladder

74911c01 distal ureter uretero vesical junction UVJ normal ureters ureteric jets bladder anatomy CTscan Courtesy Ahley Davidoff MD