Angles of Life by Arielle Davidoff

Angles on Life

One Very Fine Morning

Arielle Davidoff

Copyright 2012


This story was written by Arielle Davidoff in February 2003 when she was 11 years old and illustrated by her father.

One very fine morning on a merry spring day,

Andy Acute and Obi Obtuse

Happened to pass each other’s way

They decided that together

They would walk to school

And talk about angles and sides

And which ones were really cool

Now although they were very good triangles, very, very, fine

They sometimes got a bit carried away, and, (who doesn’t?) crossed the line.

Each of them had interior angle sums of exactly 180

But that wasn’t enough to keep them feeling like mateys.


So before you could even say one measly letter,

They were arguing about which one was much, much, better

“Well first of all” sneered Obi, wanting to show he was best,

“I have one big angle,”

But Andy was not impressed.

And she said: “Well, maybe you do,

But Sally Scalene can have an obtuse one, just like you!”

“Oh yeah?” barked Obi, in a horrendous rage,

“Bigger angles are better, much stronger, I’m afraid!”

“I object!” screeched Andy, wild with fury,

“Everyone knows acute angles are really very sturdy!”

And as Andy and Obi were quarreling, in an obvious mess,

Ms. Rita Right had to come along, to add to all the stress.

And do you want to know what she said, as she snottily bounced along?

She said: “I can solve any problem, for I am right and never wrong!”

“How can you?” jeered Andy, as tough as can be,

One of your angles looks like the corner of a book, much too precise for me!”

“How dare you!” roared Rita, starting to get mad,

“Insult my gorgeous angle, oh, you are really bad!

And, so, still no luck

It looked like they were all stuck in a sticky pile of muck

And I’ll give you just one guess who decided to join the party –

Evelyn Equilateral, she acted the real smarty.

“All sides are equal,” she said, and all angles of 60 degrees too

And if you don’t quit your quarrels I’ll miss my meeting in Timbuktu.

“Who cares?” snarled Obi, starting to lose his temper

“Go to your silly meeting” and after to himself:

“We can solve this without her!”

“Fine!” Squealed Evelyn in her most stuck-up mood

“I will go to my meeting! And excuse me, but you are extremely rude!”

So she strutted away, her top angle in the air

Her looks very good, but her temper, as you can see, like that of a bear.

So Andy, Obi and Rita-don’t ask me how, managed to get to school

Though they were fighting all the way like wild, angry, cows.

And just as they were about to enter those doors

A guilty feeling came over them and what’s more

They all knew it wasn’t right

How all they had done was fight and fight

And, from that day on,

It hardly ever mattered to them who was right and who was wrong

They didn’t care who was big or small, short skinny or fat,

But they realized that it’s possible be good,

And that is simply that; And forevermore

they were never ever ever vile

Except, for maybe,

once in a