External Parts of People

Ashley Davidoff

The Common Vein Copyright 2012

In the Round

Face in the Round

Water Droplets in The Round

Copyright 2012 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 10396

Face in the Round

Copyright 2012 Davidoff MD 45681

Pupils and Irises in the Round

Ovoid lids

Crescents of the Eyebrows

Copyright 2012 Davidoff photography 100169pb.8s


Breasts in the Round

 Rendered Photography Davidoff art all rights reserved copyright 2012 95453pb09.8s

Rounded Breasts and Pear Shaped Abdomen

Copyright 2012 Courtesy Davidoff MD 60644

Butttock in the Round

Davidoff photography Davidoff art copyright 2012 95457p.8s

Sharp Angles

Sharp Angles of the Nose and Chin


Davidoff photography copyright 2012 96563pd01.8s


The Rectangular Shape of the Chest

Copyright 2012 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD 45816